Certificate of authenticity

All Nacivet prints and photos come with a certificate of authenticity.

This certificate is attached on the back of every Nacivet print.

The unique attributes (Artist, ID, edition # and Format) are filled by hand.

Together these attributes constitut the unique serial number & identification of your print.

Nacivet Database

All Nacivet prints and products are tracable within the Nacivet database using their unique serial number. This database is not public but allows us to keep a great vision on our editions and assure the quality and authenticity you deserve.

Serial Number

Every print in all formats has a unique edition number. When combined with the other details on the certificate, it allows to generate a unique serial identification number.

This per print serial number allows for great traceability and helps guarantee that your artwork is an original. No other print in the world posses the same serial number, it is unique.

If you choose to sell your artwork on the art market always mention its unique edition number.

Artist signature

Limited Editions by Jean-Paul Nacivet are signed by the artist on the front/recto of the artwork. These are currently available through auction.

Nacivet Brand logo

The Nacivet brand logo watermark as seen on the website display photos is never printed on the real artworks. Your print will not have a watermark.

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